Classic Dreamcast Arcade Shooter Psyvariar Delta Pops Onto Steam

Grazing bullets is old hat by now but back in 2000, when Psyvariar came out, it was a clever new mechanic that boosted the risk/reward factor through the roof.  It’s not like shooters didn’t already have plenty of risk/reward already, but “buzzing”, as Psyvariar called it, worked well enough that it became a genre staple.  Time isn’t kind to consoles, especially ones that failed (no matter how wonderfully awesome the Dreamcast was), and Psyvariar was long gone until today when it released onto Steam as Psyvariar Delta.

Psyvariar Delta is a compilation of three versions of the first game in the series-  Psyvariar Medium Unit, Psyvariar, Revision, and of course Psyvariar Delta.  The original arcade version is Medium Unit, Revision is its update, and finally there’s the brand-new edition of Delta making its first appearance today.  You can mix and match features like the ship and music from each of the three editions, and that includes guest-star Blanche from Jaleco’s 1993 shooter Cybattler.

It’s worth noting that Psyvariar Delta is coming out for Switch and PS4 as well as PC, and while the original release date of Summer 2018 is long gone the current plan is to land some time in February.  The console versions will be available at retail but, if you want something a bit fancier, publisher Dispatch Games has a nice foil variant available at its web site.  The release may be a bit later than planned but with 19 years gone since the original version that’s basically no time at all.