The King’s Bird Swoops Onto Consoles with Release Date Trailer

Flight is beyond the reach of normal humans but with a bit of help it’s not impossible to soar for a while.  The King’s Bird is a platformer about using limited flight and plenty of momentum to flow through ever-more-complicated levels in search of freedom.  Surviving requires a good feel for the mechanics, because thorns are everywhere and bottomless pits are ready to hold the bodies of those who thought they could get just a little more distance, but when you put together a series jumps, wall-runs, and soaring, swooping movements it makes you feel like a platforming god.  Or like you held on for dear life and barely survive a brutal gauntlet, which is a different kind of exciting.  Whichever it may be, The King’s Bird is a beautiful precision platformer and now it’s graduating from PC to the consoles- PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.  The game is coming out February 12 and to let those know who might have missed it the first time around here’s a new trailer for its pending release.