Ape Out Receives New Trailer, Slight Delay

In December, it was announced that Ape Out, a colorful top-down action game from Gabe Cuzzillo and Devolver Digital about a gorilla attempting to escape their captors, would be coming out on February 7. The game has easily won us over before, thanks to its unique art style, awesome gameplay, and jazz soundtrack. However, our fantasies of smashing people around as a giant ape will have to wait a short while longer. It was announced today that Ape Out will see a short delay, now due out at the end of February. As a consolation prize, though, we did get a spiffy new trailer.

So why the delay for Ape Out, exactly? It’s pretty simple: The developers just need some extra time to allow the game to be run at 60 FPS. That way, players can have the smoothest ape carnage possible. In the meantime, we still have the below clip filled with bullets, bears, bazookas, and buckets of blood to tide us over. Ape Out will now hit the Switch and PC on February 28, and we eagerly anticipate it.