Downwell Blasts Onto The Nintendo Switch

We may have to wait a little while longer for Ape Out due to its recent delay, but to help tide players over, another one of Devolver’s classic action games is now available on another platform for all to enjoy. First released back in October 2015 from developer Moppin, Downwell is a minimalistic action game about a vertically descending dive and a search for treasure, with our protagonist armed with a pair of gunboots. To quote our original review, Downwell was and still is “a fantastic arcade game from the ’80s transplanted into a modern-day computer,” and now it’s been transplanted to the Switch as well.

Nothing much has been changed with the Switch port, it still has the same procedurally generated action as the original version. The Switch does have an optional “Tate mode,” though, allowing players to flip the Switch’s screen to a vertical position for a more authentic experience. Should you need a refresher on the game, though, the repurposed launch trailer is available to check out below. Between its acclaimed status and low cost, it would be wise to pick up Downwell on the Switch right now.