Subnautica: Below Zero Now Available in Early Access

Subnautica was one of last year’s biggest hits after it left Early Access, racking up tons of acclaim from both players and critics, even managing to snag our award for Best Adventure Game. But developers Unknown Worlds clearly aren’t going to rest on their laurels when it comes to a successful IP such as this. So now it’s time to work on the next entry in the franchise, Subnautica: Below Zero. And this new follow-up to last year’s smash is now available in Early Access as we speak, meaning you can check it out for yourself and help shape the game as it progresses through development.

Set one year after the original game, Subnautica: Below Zero sees players returning to Planet 4546B. However, as the title implies and as the trailer below shows, this time you’ll be heading to an arctic region of the planet. Like before, players will have to scavenge for resources in order to construct what’s needed to survive, and uncover remnants of the alien civilization that was here before, decoding what happened to them. All while exploring new areas and dealing with new wildlife, ranging from cute and fuzzy to kraken-like. The current build right now is only a mere portion of things to come, though, but it looks impressive. Subnautica: Below Zero is available now in Early Access for PC, with XB1 and PS4 versions to come later.