Creative Assembly Working on New IP

Creative Assembly today confirmed that they are working on a brand new IP.

Known mostly for their Total War games, Creative Assembly still aren’t afraid to branch out. In 2014, the studio released Alien: Isolation, a great survival horror title that forced experiences to face the horror of the Xenomorph from a first-person perspective. Now, it looks like the studio plans on dipping their toes back into the first-person space.

Taking to Twitter, the studio revealed that sci-fi director Neill Blomkamp had stopped by the studio to see their new game. In the same Tweet, they also confirmed that title is a new IP and an FPS title. Details are scarce, though rumors suggest a first-person stealth game. Considering Isolation focused heavily on stealth, this isn’t too much of a leap.

What we do know is that Creative Assembly and Sega aren’t working on another Alien title. FoxNext Games, a division of 20th Century Fox, has taken over all development duties for the Alien IP. Despite fan demand, FoxNext Games confirmed that there are no plans for an Alien: Isolation sequel.

We’ll let you know should Creative Assembly release additional details about their project.