Respawn Entertainment Announces Apex Legends, Also Available Now

Respawn Entertainment today announced and launched a brand new game, Apex Legends.

As promised earlier today, Respawn Entertainment did indeed reveal their next game. Titled Apex Legends, the title is a free-to-play Battle Royale game that is available starting today. You can download the game right now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Apex Legends takes place in the Titanfall universe, but doesn’t feature any of the franchise’s signature features. The playable Titans, wall-running, and double-jumping are all gone. Instead, players choose from a roster of right human and android characters with unique abilities and weapons. In many ways, the game appears like a cross between Overwatch and Fortnite/Blackout.

Like other Battle Royale games, players drop into a large map and strive to be the last one standing. During that time, the play area continuously shrinks to force encounters. Unlike other games, Apex Legends pairs players up in teams of three with a maximum of 60 players in a round.

Download Apex Legends now via the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Origin Store.