Kick Back, Relax, and Maybe Save the World in Summer in Mara Kickstarter

The sea is a dangerous place, whether that be terrestrial or alien waters.  Unpredictable weather leads to storms popping up out of nowhere, pirates roam the shipping lanes, and sometimes boats blow up for reasons that may never be adequately explained.  The human Koa was just a baby when the boat she was on exploded, and if it hadn’t been for what became her adoptive grandmother passing on by at the right time she probably wouldn’t have been the only survivor.  Koa got lucky, though, so she got to grow into a young child tending her own little island on an ocean planet, with a handful of mysteries kicking around just to keep life interesting.  Then the alien Elit come to drain her world of anything that can turn a profit, so like any industrious 10(ish) year old would Koa sets out to… um…  peacefully farm and explore the invasion away.  It’s not the worst way to repel an hostile force.

Summer in Mara is a farming-style game that wants to be equal parts Stardew Valley and Zelda: Wind Waker, with a super-cute all-ages style that’s instantly inviting.  Mara is the name of the ocean that ties the world together, and it looks like Koa will be spending as much time on and in the water as working the land.  The usual tasks of farming, harvesting resources, and improving your tools are all part of the package, but there’s also deep sea diving, pirate boat races, and a good number of quests to keep you sailing all over the world.  There’s evil to work against, of course, but most everyone aside from that promises to be friendly, although you might have to do a few favors to win some of the cast over.

Summer in Mara released on Kickstarter today and has already cleared 50% of its initial goal.  Head on over and take a look, or at least give a once-over to the trailer below.