Monothetic’s Beacon Enters Early Access Later This Month

A long-in-development but fond little rogue-lite by the name of Beacon will be entering Steam Early Access at the end of the month, developer Monothetic announced earlier today. Having already skirted with a more limited release in April of last year, Beacon is ready to step up its availability to curious parties, by allowing the wider domain to get to grips with what the studio has thus far cooked up.

Beacon is a rogue-lite shooter that is all about collecting potentially-useful DNA strands from fallen alien foes, alongside the regular items and weapons you’d expect from a science fiction-themed venture. While you aim of course is to look for your crashed ship’s emergency beacon, should you fall in combat, you have the option to respawn infused with the alien DNA you’ve acquired on your previous travels so as to mix things up a little and alter your skills for the next run-through. Beacon is available on Steam Early Access starting February 27. If you’re unfamiliar with how Beacon looks and plays, you can catch a brief teaser of the game’s Early Access phase in the below trailer.