Shiny Meltan Begin Appearing in Pokémon GO

A brand new Pokémon started popping up in Pokémon GO a few months ago. Everyone was going crazy for the little guy named Meltan! Now, a special event is taking place where trainers can find a shiny version.

Meltan is a Mythical, Steel-type Pokémon that is still a bit of a mystery. However, we do know it can be obtained in Pokémon GO using a special item called a Mystery Box. It is only usable for a certain amount of time. Once you’ve got enough Meltan candies it can evolve into Melmetal. Also, it can be transferred to Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee on the Nintendo Switch.

Now a fun event starts February 5 and lasts until March 4 where you can possibly catch a shiny Meltan. The time limit of the Mystery Box has even been cut down so you can use it more often. You can tell in the image that the nut is more of a gold color and the tail wire is blue instead of red. It will be interesting to see what a shiny Melmetal looks like, so get out there and catch some!