BioWare Details Anthem’s Endgame Content

BioWare today dropped a new trailer detailing endgame content in Anthem.

As with other Live Service titles such as Destiny or The Division, Anthem doesn’t just stop after the final story mission. Once the credits roll, a whole slew of new options open up for the player. Once your Freelancer hits Level 30 is where the endgame begins with three new difficulties and tons of high-level content become available.

To get the best gear in the game, players must be willing to partake in the most challenging of quests. Partake in contracts to earn valuable blueprints, and work with characters at Fort Tarsis to collect valuable crafting materials. After all that, take your newly crafted gear into the game’s most challenging activities, Strongholds and Cataclysms. Strongholds are long missions that pit a squad of Freelancers against the game’s toughest foes. Cataclysms, meanwhile, are time-limited events that actively change the world. There’s no telling what surprises and powerful enemies come with each Cataclysm.

Hopefully, the endgame content at launch is enough to keep players hooked. Both Destiny and The Division were knocked at their launches for a lack of endgame content. Considering Anthem is launching years after both titles, BioWare should be able to learn from their mistakes and provide players a meaty experience.

Anthem is out February 22 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.