Weedcraft Inc Gets New Gameplay Trailer And Release Window

Last year, Devolver Digital and developers Vile Monarch unveiled Weedcraft Inc, a simulation title about the complicated world of dealing marijuana in the United States. It’s a tricky subject to tackle, and it was clear the team was aware of that from the get-go. Things have been slightly silent concerning the game, though, until recently, when a new gameplay trailer was released. As usual, you can check out the new clip below, which delves even further into the world of cannabis delearship.

Expanding upon what was shown in the announcement trailer, the new video provides a larger look at the gameplay. Players will have to cultivate their product personally, hire employees, deal with customers, see about means of distribution and sales, among many other things, all while working around laws, breaking them, or seeing about changing them. So as mentioned last time, it’s a more realistic take on marijuana dealing. Alongside the new trailer, an April release window was announced for Weedcraft Inc as well. There is no specific date yet, but let’s be honest, they’re definitely aiming for a 4/20 release. So keep an eye out for Weedcraft Inc around then when it comes to the PC.