Away: Journey to the Unexpected Begins Its Launch Across All Platforms

We’ve made it clear over past previews that Away: Journey to the Unexpected is quite the unique dungeon crawler, and a game that we’ve been looking forward to. Aurélien Regard has crafted quite the colorful first-person adventure, and now Playdius is ready to help share that adventure with the world. Away has now begun its official launch, complete with a brand new trailer seen below. It sets up the simple tale of a kid attempting to save their village from a disaster created by a shady corporation…well, a simple tale at first, anyway. The launch trailer lets us see a good chunk of the combat and some of the unique friends out hero makes along the way, all with some incredible artwork.

Appropriately enough, Away’s release onto all major platforms is a journey as well. This is due to a different release date for each platform, surprisingly. The schedule is that Away releases for the PS4 on February 5, the Switch on February 7, XB1 on February 8, and finally, PC on February 13. So consider it a launch that takes place just over a week, basically. But whether you still have to wait or are able to play it right now, here’s hoping that Away: Journey to the Unexpected is worth the rollout.