Axiom Verge Free on Epic Games Store Until February 21

Axiom Verge first hit digital shelves in 2015, and delivered one of the best Metroidvania-style games of the modern era. It not only combined the same formula that mad the sub-genre popular, but also evoked the best sense of fear and uneasiness that hadn’t really been seen since the original Metroid in the mid-’80s. Now, PC owners with the Epic Games Store can enjoy this outstanding game absolutely free of charge.

The game’s free release did hit a bit of a snag early on as Thomas Happ took out all files labeled “steam” in the game’s index, and that led to a fatal crash error for a sound file when it was just meant to ensure that none of the Steam installer files were left in. It’s a slightly amusing little issue now that it’s been resolved, and any download should be perfectly fine on the Epic Games Store from here on out. Those wishing to download it on Steam, which does enable you to get a digital deluxe edition with things like a soundtrack and behind the scenes movie, can do so with a 10% discount that will end on February 11. The free download on the Epic Games Store ends on February 21.