Gravity-Based Platformer Etherborn Gets New Trailer, Partner, Release Window

Developer Altered Matter’s upcoming gravity-shifting puzzle-platformer Etherborn has been highly anticipated by us, being both a Screenshot Saturday darling and having won us over last year during its initial Fig campaign, which ended up being a success. The team has been hard at work since then, and recently, a series of major developments were announced concerning the game. For one, we have a new trailer titled “Rebirth” that shows off even more of Etherborn’s world. As seen below, our translucent protagonist is following a mysterious voice around a surreal and beautiful world, solving various puzzles and their way across Escher-esque structures in order to find this voice.

Also in big news concerning Etherborn is that it will be the debut title of FoxNext Games’ new indie development fund. 20th Century Fox’s gaming division is looking to expand to include more innovative games from the indie scene, and will be announcing further titles as part of the program later this year. Finally, a Spring 2019 release window was officially announced for the game, meaning that we should be able to play it in all of its glory in just a few months. Etherborn will be heading to PC and all major consoles then, so make sure not to miss it.