Division 2 Beta Guide – How to Leave Groups, Other Assorted Tips

The Division 2 Private Beta is here at last and the time has finally come to take back Washington D.C. from those who think they can get away with doing whatever they want within its borders. The agents of the Division have quite the task ahead of them and achieving success means acquiring every possible edge. Oftentimes that edge comes in the form of a better gun or backpack, but other times an advantage can be as simple as knowing how to extract oneself from a group without hassle. Division agents are all lone wolves at heart after all; one cannot properly prepare themselves for their next task if they’re still getting dragged around by the last mission’s team leader.

How to Leave a Group

Completed a mission and want to turn solo again? Doing so is easy to do in The Division 2, but the actual option can be a bit tricky to find. When the time comes to leave one’s group, open up the pause screen and select the “social” menu. From there, find your name in the group and select it. Just choose “leave group” after that and you’ll be a free agent once more.

Division 2 Beta - White House
How to Turn Off Backup Notifications

Agents who want to focus on solo operations probably aren’t interested in constantly getting notified of others calling for backup. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy way to temporarily disable those notifications. All one has to do is open up their map screen and navigate to the SHD overlay (represented by a “!”). From there, it’s just a matter of holding square to “Disable On-Call” (X for Xbox players). Hold the button again to re-enable on-call status.

How to Compare Gear on the Fly

The ability to quickly compare fresh gear with that already equipped is essential knowledge for any agent’s progress while out in the field. This is an easy thing to do in The Division 2, but the game doesn’t exactly go out of its way to point it out. To compare equipped gear with items either in stores or picked up in the city, simply hit Triangle (Y for Xbox players). For weapons, one just has to hit the button again to switch the comparison from the primary weapon to the secondary weapon.

How to Quickly Sell All That Old Gear

Once all the best gear is equipped, it’s time to take the rest back to a vendor and sell it for vital mission funds. Selling gear pieces one at a time is an easy thing to do, but it can be a tedious process thanks to The Division 2’s tendency to quickly load agents up with gear no matter what they’re doing. There’s a quick and easy way to sell all unwanted items off quickly. Just mark any unwanted item as “junk” by highlighting it and hitting the right-trigger. Once everything is done, hold the right-stick to sell it all at once. Nice and easy, isn’t it?

Division 2 - inventory
How to Properly Use the Auto-Sniper

Okay, so this tip is a bit different from the rest and is already explained in The Division 2 upon acquiring it. Using this powerful piece of equipment correctly, however, can still be a bit tricky thanks to the game’s glossing over of certain details. Don’t worry though; it’s easy to use once one has all the necessary knowledge.

First, all agents should know that placement is critical to proper use of the Auto-Sniper; if it can’t get line of sight on the enemy, it’s not going to be able to help. Whenever possible, make sure to place in a place that overlooks the battlefield and has no obstructions directly in front of it. Doing so will ensure that it has the best possible angle on one’s enemies. Next, this turret is not automatic; agents must make the call for every shot and shots are limited. Unlike its mini-gun cousin, this turret is best used for precisely taking out over-eager enemies rather than suppressing them.

Finally, make those shots count. The Auto-Sniper is only good for a few shots before self-destructing and going into cool-down; don’t shoot at someone hunkered down into cover and don’t waste it on heavily-armored enemies if there are other options available.

Knowing how to operate both in and out of the field is critical to the success of all agents in The Division 2. Most of the time it’s enough to know how to point one’s weapon at the enemy and fire; however, there are times when knowing how to manage that equipment, use one’s skills or disengage from a group can be even more critical to the grander mission of retaking Washington D.C. Hopefully this field guide proved useful to those agents looking to maximize their effectiveness against the enemy. Please continue to consult us as the situation in The Division 2 continues to develop.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 15. Check out our most recent impressions of The Division 2 for a better idea of how these games play.