Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Legend of Danny Crask, Loaf, Many More

In a way, working on every Screenshot Saturday feature is like having to through a bunch of quick, visual elevator pitches. The ones using the #screenshotsaturday tag each weekend that stand out the most tend to have some sort of striking visual appeal that catches your eye and makes you want to learn more about the game and/or anticipate it even further, be in in the form of still images, GIFs, or even full video clips. And indeed, this weekend had quite the selections of swift bursts of eye candy from promising developers and games to check out! So without further ado, let’s see what stood out for this latest edition…

The Legend of Danny Crask- I admit that I had no idea who Danny Crask was initially, let alone what his legend is. At least not until I did some digging and learned that the game has been in the works since at least 2014, and is a puzzle-platformer about a discus champion that undergoes a Robocop-esque transformation (if earlier trailers are anything to go by), with a mix of 3D graphics and pixel art. But even just with this one GIF, showcasing its mechanics, platforming action, style, and a dash of unique neon diner imagery all perfectly, the devs already have me eagerly looking towards this game. So kudos, can’t wait to see more!

Loaf- An RPG designed to evoke quirky classics, mainly using Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year door as its foremost inspiration. And we could definitely use a few more games evoking the likes of TTYD these days, especially by taking things to the next level with more advanced and beautiful areas such as this. Also, the fact that the main character is a flour golem suggests the potential for some sort of twist involving baking, and I am intrigued to see where that goes.

The Treehouse Man- Considering that this creepy boat journey involving children attempting to seek the titular mysterious figure in a mix of real-time and turn-based action is due out in just a few days, it would indeed be important to update the Steam store page for it with a few new shots. Luckily, the team managed to pick some of the most attention-grabbing ones as well, as evidenced by the game’s inclusion here today. So here’s hoping it plays as good as it looks!

Black Future ’88- Okay, at this point, one of the reasons I can’t wait for this roguelike run-and-gun game to come out is so that it can finally stop tempting me into including it here as a regular. I mean, look at this. Would you be able to turn down action-packed shots such as this? The developer is some sort of diabolical genius, I say. Bravo, you magnificent bastard, you have my money already.

Resolutiion- And when Black Future ’88 eventually steps down, it’s likely that Resolutiion here will likely step up to replace it as a Screenshot Saturday regular. It also knows how to craft the best possible shots, easily able to get people interested in this top-down action/adventure game. But where previous screenshots have shown off a more wide, open world, this time we head below the surface for even more detail-rich caverns with a ton to check out, and we can’t wait to explore them.

Fimbul- Because nothing says epic Viking action like being able to strike with blows that can fling an opponent a good twenty or so feet away across a snowy landscape. But while the bar for epic action games centered around Norse mythology was set pretty dang high last year, clips like this make it obvious that smaller titles like Fimbul are clearly doing all they can to make their combat fun as well.

Star Renegades- Eh, I’m sure things are fine. After all, it’s only where there’s a fire AND a flashing red alarm that you know the problem is serious. Plus, putting it out too early means losing the perfect cap on top of what appears to be one gorgeous and detailed battle, the type of skirmish that we hope to see even more of in this upcoming strategy game. They should pose quite the challenge, impressive fire or not.

Nanotale – Typing Chronicles- The follow-up to Epistory looks like it could easily end up being another unique blend of fantasy adventures and a typing-based twist, where everything is done solely through your keyboard, no mouse. Things looks simple yet beautiful for now, although I was a bit surprised by the particular fauna here, which immediately brought fellow indie title Bloodroots to mind (despite also being an actual plant). Crossover potential, perhaps?

Renaine- An old-school platformer about a knight that eventually resurrects after each death with the world changing afterwards is indeed going to put a nice, heavy emphasis on challenging level design where one wrong move equals a grisly fate. And an entire passage of spikes straight out of a Kaizo Mario game suggests that yes, you had best get used to game’s mechanics if you want things to go this smooth ASAP.

Skies of Chaos- Wait, does it technically count as an entry for Screenshot Saturday if the screenshot in question is another Tweet leading to a dev log going into further detail? Let me check the rule book…*flips through imaginary book*…alright, so it says that I can basically do whatever I choose, and my choice is to allow it, as this one stunning multiplayer shoot-’em-up worth check out. So let it be said.

A Dose Of You- The latest title from Super Mega Team still has a lot to unveil, but what we do know is that it’s going to involve a larger focus on narrative and an inclusion of card-based combat/gameplay. That, and it appears it’ll have quite the gorgeous areas to play in. Even as a work in progress, this is still one lush mountain paradise. Now to see what cards we’ll bust out in it…

Tiny Dangerous Dungeons- What we have here is a metroidvania game inspired by Game Boy titles (if the visuals weren’t enough to suggest that), and yet the Game Boy game that springs to mind for me upon seeing this isn’t anything like Metroid II, but rather Kid Dracula, likely due to the charming chibi art style, setting, and platforming. And now that I’ve realized that how amazing a metroidvania Kid Dracula game would be, consider me even more invested in this game than before!

Marshmellow Day Spa- We haven’t had time yet to check this game about on yet, and we don’t know if this is the first step towards a bigger version of the game or anything, but no way in hell could we resist a game about dunking ridiculously adorable marshmallows in the proper cocoa baths that they want. Of course, this also means we don’t know if the game ends with the marshmallows either absorbing all of the cocoa or getting devoured, but let’s just enjoy things as is.

Pepper Grinder- Is it weird that I wanted to feature this simply to comment on just how good the animation for that cooking pot is? I mean, the game still looks amazing, great platforming and unique drill action, but damn, that is one stellar pot.