Discover Mandragora with Elli

Puzzle-platforming fans have a new adventure to dive into with Elli. This small yet powerful magic-wielder has quite a big task before them: exploring the land of Mandragora and uncovering its many secrets before the end of her birthday. It’s certainly an intimidating quest, but Elli is up for it and that means fans will have to help her through. Mandragora looks like it’s quite a big place, so successfully exploring it all is going to take some serious smarts and spells.

Judging by this trailer and others, Elli looks kind of like a very puzzle-oriented platformer; players will likely need to rely on their ability to recognize patterns and execute complicated series of jumps in order to progress through. This is probably more doable than it sounds though, as on of Elli’s selling points is simple controls that most players can quickly get used to. There’s very little standing in the way between gamers and high-adventure here, so it might just be worth a look.

Elli is available on the Nintendo Switch.