Defensive AI Gets an Overhaul for MLB The Show 19

This week’s MLB Monday video showcases the defensive changes for the upcoming MLB The Show 19. You can look for advanced fielding efficiency and decision making for the AI in the field of play. Plenty of new animations have been included and fielding ratings will play a huge part this year. Players can either get a late or early jump on a ball depending on their individual ratings. Additionally, a player that is playing out of position will be prone to much more mistakes. The team has also added a fielding indicator to advise how well that player is defensively. This can add in to strategy of what direction you want to hit the ball, as well.

Hitting will allow for more contact and a wider variety of hits. Contact hitters will play a pivotal role in the game as opposed to the past. The formula now allows for excelling at varying human skills as opposed to just the general PCI model of difficulty. This will allow multiple hitter-types to excel. The timing window has been expanded for contact. Hopefully, the team will also make hitting first pitches matter as this seemed to be nerfed in last year’s game. You can check out the full video below.