Just Shots and Beats in Harmonix’s Audica Reveal Trailer

Beats gotta die.  It’s hard to know what the beat did to deserve it but whatever the reason it’s going down under a hail of bullets.  Harmonix revealed its latest game today with the Audica trailer and, as could be expected, it’s a music rhythm game, except this time instead of plastic instruments you’re using VR controllers to blast notes from the sky as they fly towards you.  Basically it’s a combination of the VR arena shooter and Beat Saber filtered through the music and gameplay sensibilities of Harmonix, which is plenty of reason for anticipation.  The trailer shows off several types of notes, from the standard ones that fly towards you and need to be shot down as indicated both by the music and shrinking target indicator, to targets you need to perform a sustained zap with an electric arc for as long as the note holds, to swooping arcs of rapid-fire beats dispatched by machine-gun blasts of firepower, and even blank notes you need to swat away with the guns instead of shoot.  The goal looks to be to keep the player moving, dancing with guns to the EDM beats.

Audica is releasing March 7 on both the Oculus Store and Steam, both Early Access, with the latter version at least being fully compatible on both Rift and Vive.  Harmonix also plans to bring it to PSVR later on, but that’s for after the Early Access period is over later in (hopefully) 2019.  For now, though, there’s a trailer below to give a taste of Audica’s beat-shooting action, packed with high-intensity music rhythm neon gun carnage.