THQ Nordic Acquires Kingdom Come Developer Warhorse Studios

In what might be one of the more high profile acquisitions in their seemingly never-ending spending spree over the past 12 – 18 months, THQ Nordic have today announced that they have acquired Prague-based developer, Warhorse Studios — creators of the enjoyable (if flawed) RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance. THQ’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Koch Media, are in charge of the acquisition and covers both the studio itself as well as all intellectual property rights, costing the company an estimated €33.2 million.

The announcement comes exactly one year to the day since Warhorse’s crowdfunded WRPG, set in 15th century Bohemia, originally released for PS4, Xbox One & PC last year. And as one of the first signs of their new ownership, THQ took it upon themselves to announce that in that same twelve month period, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has managed to sell over two million copies across all platforms — Warhorse themselves adding more detail to the stats, declaring that more than half of sales, both as physical and digital copies, were on PC. Alongside Warhorse, THQ Nordic also confirmed they’ve acquired Australia-based 18POINT2, whom specialise in publishing for the region.