Screenshot Saturday Featuring Neon Abyss, Westgunne, Many More

It’s time for another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where various developers flock to social media with the #screenshotsaturday hashtag and show off their most recent projects and/or what they have in the works! They get a unique way to promote their games and we get a buffet of miniature previews, so it’s win-win! And here we have our own little appetizer platter of sorts, selecting choice tweets from the day to be featured here. Hopefully you’ll all find this weekend’s offering to be a delectable blend of flavors, so let’s dig in already!

Neon Abyss- If there was one game that was especially prominent during Screenshot Saturday this weekend, it would be Neon Abyss, which has no less than four tweets about it fired off. Understandable, especially if you want to let your presence at the upcoming GDC be known, but in my opinion, only the above tweet was needed. It’s a simple and effective burst of variety that shows the potential in this colorful retro roguelike platformer, alongside the appropriate amount of insanity for a game about retrieving Pandora’s Box. Promising stuff indeed!

DOOMBLADE- Oh, you know you’re in for a treat when a metroidvania game shows you a gleefully chaotic scene such as the one above, and are told that this is one of the EASIER battles. Seriously, though, the best titles in the genre are the ones that put up a hefty old-school challenge while still remaining fair, and that definitely seems to be on display here, alongside a sample of some amazing moves that we can’t wait to pull off.

Katana Zero- This may require a slight bit of context here. See, all of the action in this 2D action title actually takes place in our protagonist’s mind, that of an assassin plotting out how to pull off their next mission by watching video tapes while dosed with special drugs. Okay, that last part may require additional context as well, but what you need to know is that as seen here, this is a game of planning that requires you to manage improvised weapons, slow motions, dashes, split-second timing, and much more in order to successfully take down groups of enemies. And it is indeed glorious so far.

Westgunne- Notably, what caught my eye here for this game – well, other than the dazzling graphics, explosions, and action – was another person elsewhere comparing this shoot-’em-up to Einhänder for the PS1. And considering that game’s current relevance as an Easter egg in a certain triple-A title that was recently released, it only seemed appropriate that a possible successor gets the spotlight as well. It really needs to be seen in motion to be appreciated, but these are some amazing shots as well.

Felix the Reaper- When Pieter Bruegel the Elder was crafting immense and detailed paintings of medieval landscapes, odds are he likely didn’t imagine any of them serving as a potential backdrop for a puzzle game about a dancing reaper with a Walkman who moves through shadows on a mission to woo someone they admire through intricate killings. Then again, considering some of Bruegel’s more Bosch-inspired works and the surreal imagery they could have, that premise combined with his work may not be much of a stretch. And from what we’ve seen so far, here’s hoping the finished game here is a work of art as well.

Afterlight- Sure, seeing Mark Watney have to engineer ways to survive on Mars was impressive, but why not kick things up a notch and head to one of Saturn’s moons – Titan, to be specific – as well? So now we have Xin, an astronaut in a 2.5D adventure game, trapped after an accident and having to still complete their mission and figure out just what happened. A lousy scenario for them, but at the very least, their research station looks impressive, as seen here.

Waking- Truly, the battles inside your mind are the most difficult ones you can face. Especially when you’re trapped in a coma and have to fight it out inside of your subconscious in order to get the rest of your mind back together and figure out what happened to you. And then you have mammoth threats like this, and who knows exactly what they represent. Aside from the possibility of some impressive action bits, of course.

Self Shot- Truly, the battles inside your mind are the most difficult ones you can face. Though they’re not as difficult as realizing that you actually have two different action games that take place in the main character’s subconscious at once, and now suddenly have to think of different things to say about them. But what we have here is an FPS as opposed to a third-person title, and seems to have a more sci-fi feel and a different style. And of course, it looks just as promising.

Anew: The Distant Light- Because really, you can’t do an impressive ode to Super Metroid without at least one proper escape sequence. Even if the spaceship here actually looks closer to something Dr. Wily would use instead. But then there’s the Watcher as well, who’s the reason why you’re escaping, and…yeah, expect a few darkened pants during the eventual fight against them.

Raji: An Ancient Epic- This action game set in ancient India is still working on its gameplay and mechanics before moving on to some more detailed settings, as the scene here shows. The developers have clearly been doing well with animation, combat, and the inspired designs of the demons that you’ll be battling all down pat so far, though, so already it’s shaping up to be a potential gem.

The Mind Sword- This unique grid-based 2D fighter has looked quite impressive so far, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to get a closer look at the action. So ask and you shall receive, with this little bit of a bout showing off colorful character designs, impressive moves, and an eye-catching art style. It’s about as much of a knockout as the one delivered by our bat(?) friend here.

Elk- An adventure game about a carpenter traveling to a mysterious island in the Atlantic, where are all of the residents have weird tales based on true stories. I don’t think there were any talking fish corpses in these stories, but it still looks highly intriguing. And as seen here, you can actually check out one of these short stories for yourself, if you want a taste of what’s to come in this game.

Terror of Hemasaurus- Forgive me if I miss any games when asking this, but aside from from its sequels, have we ever had any spiritual successors to Rampage yet? Because if not, that kind of feels like something we should have already remedied. Luckily, we have Hemasaurus here to help to fill that void, complete with a nifty kaiju roar that isn’t just for show. And the roar is indeed important, let me tell you.

Rawmen- Okay, the multiplayer ramen/soup-themed combat still looks awesome, especially with weaponized matzo balls…but let’s be honest, we’re all wondering what the “cock sauce” mentioned at the end is. A cute joke, given the game’s concept and participants, or something more juvenile? Begin speculations.