Black Future ’88 Now Heading to Nintendo Switch

Around this time last year, Good Shepherd announced that they would assist helping publish Black Future ’88, a synthpunk run-and-gun side-scrolling roguelike from developer SuperScarySnakes. At the time, the game was only due for a PC release. But as of today, the anticipated action game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as well. Yes, now players will have the option of trying to take down a living tower that causes nuclear rain and a permanent 1988 before their heart explodes while at home and/or on the go. And yes, that is still the game’s main premise.

Accompanying this announcement is a new trailer for Black Future ’88, which you can see below. Similar to the initial announcement trailer, it starts off with an animated segment before a montage of impressive, frenetic gameplay. It does unveil the addition of couch co-op for Switch players, though, and doesn’t hide what it can lead to. Still no word on a more concrete release window yet, though, only that the game will hit both platforms later this year. Until then, stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for any further coverage of Black Future ’88.