A Series of Legends Bundles Land on Fanatical

Fanatical has a series of Legends-branded bundles going on now across a variety of genres. First, you have the Anime Legends bundle that gets you three games. For a mere $10, you get Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, Megatagmension: Blanc and Neptune vs. Zombies, and Dark Rose Valkyrie. The Strategy Legends bundle will also set you back and gets you Distant Worlds Universe, Star Hammer, and Pandora for $10. Finally, the FPS Legends bundle nets you Insurgency, Enemy Front, Alien Rage, and Far Sky for $1. Yes, you get four games for $1 – so if you have any slight desire to play an FPS, then for the cost of a donut, you can do so. The anime legends deal is pretty darn good if you want even one of those three games, while the FPS legends bundle is a solid deal just due to how much gaming you get for so little money.