Xenon Racer’s City Showcase Highlights Dubai and Shanghai

We’ve shown off a lot of Xenon Racer over the past few months, and it remains one of the most promising new racing franchises on the market. With its unique premise of taking place in a world with anti-gravity racing, but using more traditional vehicles, it looks like nothing else out there. Last week’s location video showcased Miami and Tokyo, which look promising. This week’s new video gives fans a peak into what Dubai and Shanghai will look like in the final game. Every city shown off so far looks impressive, with a heavy amount of atmospheric detail that allows you to see bits and pieces of what makes the cities worth replicating in the game to begin with. Racing fans don’t need to wait long to play the game, as it comes out on Switch, PS4, and Xbox on March 23 physically and digitally. PC owners will also be able to enjoy the game in a digital-only format via Steam.