See Nine Minutes of The Occupation In Action

We’re only a stone’s throw away now from the release of The Occupation, White Paper Games’ title about 1980s espionage. Set in England during an alternate version of 1987, players attempt to uncover the truth behind a huge explosion that is now setting up an act which threatens civil liberties. As a journalist, you’ll have to snoop around, gather evidence, and ask questions in order to get the information needed. And the whole game plays out with real-time mechanics, meaning you have to carefully manage every action, yet be quick. If you want to see how all this plays ou,t though, a new gameplay video has you covered.

Lasting about nine minutes, we’re led through the actions that create a rather harsh accusation made during an interview. It begins simple enough, by learning about a lost floppy disk with confidential information. Then there’s sneaking into an office with multiple routes. But then we have have to get the floppy to a printer and – whoops, the disk became corrupted. Now you have to improvise and find a way to restore it, without getting caught. And did you set off any alarms while doing this? Because detected or not, that will put everyone on some level of alert. It seems like a terrific blend of stealth mechanics and classic graphic adventure gameplay, and the end result is that we can’t wait until March 5 when The Occupation comes out for PC, PS4, and XB1 with a little help from Humble Bundle.