Virtual Space Port Constructs a Release Date

There’s an unspoken law that anything constructed in space has a deeply limited duration.  Solar systems and galaxies last for billions of years but once you get to human scale things fall apart much more quickly.  It doesn’t help that enemy forces get a sick sense of glee on seeing the fractured remains of all your careful planning tumble away into the inky blackness of space, a fragmented debris field that’s now little more than a monument to wasted resources.  They’re jerks that way.

Virtual Space Port (ViSP for short) is a VR building game where you have two types of blocks to configure any way you like, with one type used to construct a massive network of corridors, docks, and gun emplacements, and the other being used for defense.  The construction blocks are fragile, breaking in a single hit when an enemy successfully rams it, but the defense blocks are invulnerable to damage.  Thankfully the defense computer shows enemy trajectories in a red line, allowing you to proactively block off their advance, but everything you build costs resources.  There are plenty of ships waiting to drop off supplies at the station, but in order to unload they need you to construct a dock for them.  The unique twist on building is that everything except defenses is constructed from the same type of block, and when arranged in the proper configuration they automatically transform into whatever facility you drew in 3D VR space.  A dock pops out of a plus-sign, the launch trailer below shows guns being built from a U-shape, and it seems likely there will be more options beyond that as the game develops.

ViSP is landing on February 28.  The demo has been out for a while now, formerly Vive-only but recently adding full Oculus Rift support, and it’s a deeply playable little chunk of gaming.  Check it out on Steam, or at least give a look to the trailer below to see just how badly a space station can be destroyed when everything goes horribly wrong.  The stars may last nearly forever (on a human scale, although deep time laughs at that notion) but a spaceport’s life is measured in minutes.