8-Bit Invaders Launch Trailer Showcases Voxel-Based Mayhem on Consoles

The 8-Bit RTS series has been a low-key success story, offering up an easy to learn and hard to master approach to the genre that makes it more accessible. 8-Bit Invaders is the third entry in it and allows you to either fight on the side of good with the army or the side of bad with the Invaders. Either way, you’ll be treated to a voxel-based world with a high level of detail that blows up real good. 8-Bit Invaders will get its first physical release on PS4, while the Xbox One version will be digital-only. The game allows you to not only wage war offline, but offline as well. If the PC version‘s pricing is any indicator, it will be around $14.99 for the digital versions on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.