Detective Pikachu Gets New Poster, Trailer

We just got word of an exclusive Pokémon Nintendo Direct happening and now there are more Detective Pikachu movie details. There is a lot going on as Pokémon Day 2019 approaches so let’s check out the brand new trailer for Detective Pikachu.

We get a little more plot points revealed as Pikachu doesn’t remember about his past except for a single clue leading him to Tim. The trailer also shows some battling, evolution and experiments. The Legendary Mewtwo appears and Pikachu says a bad word! But it’s not enough to make a big fuss over. Given the life and death situation Pikachu finds himself in it is perfectly acceptable.

A cool poster has also been revealed showing off more of the city, see which Pokémon you can spot. Detective Pikachu releases on May 10, check out the video below.