Indie Megabooth Announces GDC 2019 Lineup

And so it begins! As GDC and PAX East are set to begin, the Indie Megabooth emerges yet again to serve as a highlight of several gaming conventions, shows, and events, showcasing various selections of interesting indie games. GDC is up first from March 18 to March 22, and today, the Megabooth reveals what titles will be at the five-day event. And it comes with a snappy trailer below that showcases the whole lineup for you to check out.

As before, the lineup will rotate over the course of the show. On Monday and Tuesday, we have the likes of Disco Elysium, She Dreams Elsewhere, and Those Who Remain. Meanwhile, Wednesday through Friday brings us titles such as Hell is Other Demons, Kaisuo, and The Wild at Heart. In addition, we also have an unannounced mystery game from Flight School Studio. If you want more details, they’re available at the Indie Megabooth’s site as usual. Needless to say, if you’re attending (be it press, industry, or public), we highly recommend checking the Megabooth out.