MLB The Show 19 Introduces Moments

For this week’s MLB Monday sponsored by Gamestop, a new mode will be making an appearance in MLB The Show 19. Legends have been a staple in recent years for MLB The Show, and now you will be able to replay historic moments from baseball’s past. Moments will let you re-create The Babe calling his shot or Ken Griffey, Sr. and Jr. hitting back-to-back bombs. This will be implemented in four different ways in the game: Fantasy, Storylines, Diamond Dynasty and Live. With Fantasy, you will get integration between the past and the present. What if Griffey, Jr. faced off against Chris Sale or how would Willie Mays, Ted Williams and Bryce Harper work in the same outfield? You will also be playing against these scenarios, as well. For Storylines, players will progress through moments with a mix of player-lock and team gameplay.

Diamond Dynasty will include moments as content will be adapted with how the mode is setup. You will build squads to meet certain criteria and earn new players to add to your team. With Moments, there will be no more need to unlock a player before you get to play with him. Finally, the Live Moments will consists of constantly updated challenges, historical moments, and even moments from 2019 as they happen in real life. You can check out the full trailer below and look for MLB The Show 19 to release on PlayStation 4 on March 26.