Fire Promoter DLC Goes Live on Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Pro Wrestling World is the best pure wrestling experience on the market, and its in-depth creation tools have allowed fans to share their versions of some of the world’s best wrestlers since its inception. However, while you have been able to make fictional companies and rosters, you have never been able to actually manage them as you would a true promoter. Now, Fire Promoter mode gives players a chance to run their own company – starting small and then growing as you do more things right and gain fans. Fire Promoter has been anticipated since before the game’s launch over a year ago via early access on Steam, while PS4 owners have been looking forward to it since the summer.

The Fire Promoter DLC is $19.99 on both platforms, and had a bit of a rough start. While it launched without a problem on the PlayStation Store, Steam users had to wait until much later in the day to enjoy it. Fortunately, the hiccups have been worked out and now everyone can enjoy the first-ever wrestling management sim on a modern-day console or PC. This kind of mode has been featured in the series before, with Management of the Ring in the second GBA game, but hasn’t been seen since then and has been a highly sought-after feature since it was left out of the North American release of that game. FPW World has a 50% off sale on both platforms – dropping it to $15 on Steam and $25 on PSN.