Old Dog Teaches Strippers New Tricks in Second Hand Strip Club

Budding indie developer Musclecrab introduces is first major title: The Second Hand Strip Club. Serving as an experimental rhythm game, Second Hand Strip Club follows various strippers as they help a shiba inu, named Sensei, get back into the strip club scene. Having fallen from grace after being back-stabbed by his friend and business partner, Sensei wrangles up strippers from all walks of life to build a new club and find success.

Beyond the gameplay, however, Second Hand Strip Club seeks to portray strippers as more than just a derogatory label, “The Second Chance Strip Club aims to show players that strippers come from every walk of life. Every playable character has a story to tell; some mundane, some extraordinary, but all helping to push our message that strippers not only have their own reasons for stripping, but that they’re just people; human beings with lives, families, interests, and feelings.” So while Musclecrab is seeking to break out into the indie scene, they also hope to bring education about the adult industry’s workers.