Final Fantasy XIV Little Ladies’ Day 2019 Kicks Off

It seems like every month there’s something worth celebrating in Final Fantasy XIV, be it holidays known in North America or other parts of the world. In a couple of days, Japan is celebrating Doll Day, or Girls’ Day, and with it comes some activities to do in the popular MMORPG. Here you will tasked with completing a new set of quests (requirement being level 15), alongside a number of activities to earn you goodies.

While last year saw the introduction of three fantastic, eye-catching emotes, and the year before that was another lovely emote alongside a full set of gear, this year it’s pretty lacking. Here you will be able to get a flower crown to wear, themed Magicked Prisms (Daisies), and in-game tabletop food such as Sushi Balls and Chirashi-zushi. If you want any of the other emotes or clothing, you’ll be able to go to Final Fantasy XIV’s online store, Mogstation, and purchase them with real currency. This includes the Songbird emotes for $2 each, and the rest of the extra goodies such as the Doll Display, Cherry Tree, Attire and so forth for $5 each.

You can participate in the activities in Ul’dah on the Steps of Nald just outside of the main crystal.