Horizon Chase Turbo Speeds Its Way to a Physical Release for PS4, Switch

Aquiris Game Studio’s critically acclaimed Horizon Chase Turbo will receive a retail release in 2019, PM Studios and Acttil today announced.

The arcade-style racer’s retail versions are planned for both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, which will be sold at retailers in North America in the spring.

According to Aquiris, its title takes inspiration from the “greatest hits” of the 1980s and 1990s, naming Out Run, Top Gear and the Rush racing series as examples.

The racing title has a couch co-op component that supports up to four people, as well as an online leaderboard for players to compete against one another.

Along with boasting over 100 tracks across multiple locations, the title also includes several other modes, including World Tour, Tournament, Endurance and Playground.

Horizon Chase Turbo was initially released on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Linux and macOS in 2018.

Hardcore Gamer’s review found that combining the “same kind of fast-paced fun that worked so well years ago with a picture-perfect progression model, Horizon Chase Turbo is exactly the kind of arcade-inspired racing game the industry has needed.”

“We created Horizon Chase Turbo to be the racing game we wanted to play, hitting the sweet spot between true-to-life simulators and chaotic, explosive kart racers,” says Felipe Dal Molin, the game designer at Aquiris.

“With Horizon Chase Turbo, we want players to feel the nostalgic tension of the simple tug of war of a tight turn; where players are run off-road for a split second only to return to intense high-speed action as they overtake and battle against friends playing together on the couch or via the online ghost mode.”