The Sinking City Emphasizes Detective Work in New Gameplay Trailer

The last time we had properly checked in on The Sinking City, the open-world Lovecraftian adventure from Bigben and Frogwares, it was in July of last year, when Call of Cthulhu still hadn’t come out and the two were still dueling works in progress. Then Call of Cthulhu came out a few months later, and…well, suddenly the duel became slightly more one-sided. But while it may be easy for The Sinking City to waltz over a low bar now, the developers are still intent on crafting the best experience possible. Hence the new gameplay trailer seen below, which shows off even more of the game’s mechanics in action.

While protagonist Charles Reed will still have to fight off the occasional abomination in third-person combat, the new clip chooses to focus on his detective skills. We have our standard evidence collection, talking to parties involved, et cetera. But as it turns out, Charles is already no stranger to the supernatural. In fact, he even has a recognition ability that allows him to replay past events. But don’t think such a feature makes things easy. As noted, this is game that will not hold your hand, you have to come to your own conclusions. For that, we have the Mind Palace, an investigation board similar to those from Frogwares’ earlier Sherlock Holmes games.

So far, it definitely seems like things are shaping up to be quite the ambitious open-world detective game. One that just happens to involve otherworldly horrors. Notably, though, while The Sinking City previously had a March 21 release date, it now just lists 2019. If there’s a delay, we’ll let you know, so stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for more info on The Sinking City as it comes.