Xbox 360 Shooter Leave Home’s Sequel Return Home Gets Release Date Trailer

One of the cooler indie shooters on the Xbox 360 was a tiny polished gem called Return Home.  It was a short little thing designed to be played to completion in a single sitting of about half an hour or so, but the degree of difficulty was defined by player skill.  You got infinite lives but each death simplified the enemies a bit, so if you really wanted to see everything Return Home had to offer you had to bust out your best shooter skills.  True, the game was designed for a quick play-through, but the skill-based performance gave it a ton of replayability.  Leave Home is a long time gone, with the PC version only having released on the defunct storefront Indiegamestand, so it’s well past time for a sequel.  Return Home sees the angry little ship heading back where it came from, blasting through everything in its path for what are probably very good reasons.

Much like the first game you won’t get to see the full fury of Return Home’s attack without some serious shooter skills.  The levels this time around are dynamic, though, and you can save and share seeds to work on a high score run.  It’s got nine different levels, ten game modes, and a beautifully luminous semi-vector art style that’s just about as purely Videogame as is possible to achieve.  Return Home launches April 24, but for now here’s a trailer to get you ready for the horizontal shooting action to come.