Screenshot Saturday Featuring Lonesome, The Slormancer, Many More

Well, in our last Screenshot Saturday feature, I said it felt like the calm before the storm, a relatively smaller offering of games before GDC and PAX East began to kick in high gear. And now that March has started, just like that, the deluge starts to begin. Our sneak peeks into the latest projects via #screenshotsaturday posts from various developers begin to grow and seemingly become more prominent, insert quip about vegetation/flowers ready to bloom again or something here. But enough of that half-assed intro, let’s get right into a bigger look at this week’s featured games!

Ada- Let’s start things by putting the game that arguably deserves the most attention right now front and center. Ada is an impressive-looking, top-down action-RPG game with a ton of personality that looks quite promising. It also only has just over sixty percent of its goal over at its Kickstarter campaign, with roughly four days left to go. So consider giving this demo a shot and then see about donating, because something like this deserves success.

Moonscars- We couldn’t find much information on this game at the moment (not even since the last time we featured it nearly a year ago), though we can certainly deduce that it’s a 2D action game, giving off vibes similar to the upcoming Dark Devotion or Eitr. Oh, and that it’s ridiculously gorgeous. This is indeed some amazing scenery, pixel art, and yes, parallax, and we can’t wait to seer more of this game as development advances.

Endling- Okay, this is more concept art than a full-on screenshot, obviously. But this side-scrolling game already looks like it has the potential to be one of next year’s biggest indie hits, so you can’t blame us for wanting to get in on the ground floor. Plus, it also shows off some impressive enemy design, making perfect use of a cartoonish style while still creating an imposing threat for our near-extinct fox friends. Terrific stuff indeed.

Lonesome- Hmmm, the tiles popping out of the ground and forming the world as you move along in a manner slightly similar to games such as Bastion is quite impressive indeed, though we are still going to need something more effective for a background. Of course, this is still just a work in progress. And even as is, this action RPG about a zombie-battling cowboy still looks quite eye-catching, so bravo!

The Slormancer- Terrific pixel art with a light-hearted style? Check! Tons of impressive action? Check! Smooth, quick gameplay? Check, check, and check! This action-RPG title is doing virtually everything right…with the possible exception of its name. If only because it instead suggests the involvement of someone adept at controlling monsters from Ghostbusers as opposed to something more fantasy oriented. Then again, a battle against a Slor could work just as well…

Legend of Keepers- Putting the shoe on the other foot, here we have a roguelike game where you play as the dungeon master, attempting to stop a band of adventurers. This involves recruiting monsters such as our yeti friend here, whose attack does indeed serve as a perfect showcase of how much hard work is going into even the smallest details, which is certainly a terrific sign of things to come.

Glitched- When dealing with an RPG about glitches that also contains a meta narrative about characters realizing their existence in a video game, how tempting do you think it would actually be to throw in at least one Missingno reference? Maybe that’s just a reflex now when it comes to any blocky, static figures such as this. Whatever it the case, this still remains a highly intriguing RPG.

Falcon Age- I’m starting to think that this VR game only exists not as an adventure involving falconry, but more as an excuse to show a bird doing several of the most adorable things imaginable. I mean, look at them, drawing little stick figures! Sure, the core gameplay still looks awesome, but we all know what the clear money maker is going to be here.

Steel Circus- Not being a major sports fan, I actually have no idea what a Lochlan defense would actually be. All I know is that whatever it is still acts as an impressive little bit of gameplay and a good showcase for this futuristic sports game, depicting a nice burst of the action and fun to expect later on. So yeah, can’t wait for that next Alpha test as well!

Skellboy- As mentioned before, you can sometimes catch the scent of a promising game based on how much hard work went into even the smallest of details. So while an action/adventure game about a skeleton that can attach parts of their enemies to power themselves up is impressive enough on its own, it’s the effort that went into this one band that sort of seals the deal.

Airborne Kingdom- A simulator about building your own flying city as it soars across a desert is likely to draw some comparisons to Columbia from BioShock Infinite. Except with a larger focus on creating stunning, unique cities with aesthetics and technologies of different kinds as they drift about and less of a focus on a society collapsing due to racism and class division (um, unless you manage your city quite poorly, we assume).

Totem- Another terrific top-down action/adventure game, this time with a shapeshifting hook that comes into play with defeated enemies. But for now, though, the emphasis is on level and world design, showcasing a simple yet breathtaking snow-capped mountain area. Can’t wait to see what the battles would look like among a backdrop such as this…

Bonfire- Okay, see, this was the wrong approach to take. You should have started out with the eye-punching and the burst of money that follow, as opposed to leaving it as a last resort. Had you showcased such action sooner, this roguelike probably could have gotten weeks of coverage by now. As is, still impressive stuff.