3D Sci-Fi Metroidvania Game Recompile Revealed

Last week, we saw indie publisher Playdius rebrand itself as Dear Villagers after a major investment, deciding to focus on “a strong midcore to hardcore games catalog for PC and console, ranging from high-quality indie to AA games,” saying that this week would see the reveal of the first games under the new brand. Today, we get to see that first game in action, and it is indeed a clear sign that Dear Villagers is ready for bigger things. The game in question is Recompile, a 3D metroidvania game that you can check out below. Coming from UK developer Phigames, it aims to put a new spin on the genre.

Recompile casts players as a bit of semi-sentient, malicious code attempting to find the meaning of its existence while avoiding deletion. They have to traverse a virtual wasteland known as the Mainframe, naturally using various abilities to get past certain obstacles. The clip below quickly establishes a low-poly style, a killer electro soundtrack, and some action-packed gameplay, among other things. However, the more interesting features aren’t fully on display just yet. We have hacking abilities, for one, which changes how certain enemies and objects behave. We also have a branching narrative complete with multiple endings. Not to mention a world and beings within it who will react to the choices and actions you perform. All of this in a game that takes place in just one second of real time.

Considering how metroidvania games are typically a 2D venture, it should be interesting to see how Recompile plays out. It looks quite impressive so far, and appears to be a triumphant start for Dear Villagers. No release window has been announced yet, but Recompile is set for a PC release. Stay tuned for more on this game as development progresses.