Pebberly Island Introduces New Diseases, Immortality to Two Point Hospital

Handling the healthcare needs of the absolutely massive Two Point County is about to get even more complicated thanks to the county’s newly-discovered Pebberly Island. How a tropical island can coexist in the same county as a deserts, mountains and multiple cities is anyone’s guess, but that’s not really the issue here. With the discovery of a tropical getaway right in their own back yard, the residents of Two Point have started visiting the island. Hundreds of tourists visiting an unknown land can be a big time health hazard, and it’s up to Two Point Hospital’s brilliant administrator to keep up with the brand new medical conditions that are sure to arise.

With this newest expansion, players are introduced to Mr. Wiggy Silverbottom, a renowned explorer and infamous germaphobe. He’s heard a rumor of a spring with immortality-granting waters, but needs to someone to clear the way for him first. That’s where the county’s top hospital chain comes in. Players will need to cure ten new visual illnesses and 24 non-visual ailments using three new treatment rooms across two new hospital locations. A third location on top of Pebberly Island’s “Topless Mountain” will challenge players with a medical horde mode, which is exactly what it sounds like. Wave after wave of sick tourists will descend upon the facility, and it’s the staff’s job to cure as many of them as possible.

Two Point Hospital: Pebberly Island launche on PC via Steam on March 18. Check out our Two Point Hospital review to see what sets this game apart from other simulation/management titles.