EVE Online Bids Farewell to CCP Guard

In shocking news to the EVE Community it was announced that EVE Online’s Senior Community Development Lead Sveinn Kjarval, better known as CCP Guard, will be leaving CCP after sixteen years. The EVE universe is far too big to collapse at his departure, but with being a such a prominent figure in EVE and one of the main presenters at EVE Fanfest and EVE Vegas, not to mention the front man for Permaband, his absence will leave an immense wormhole to fill. A post from him details his departure here, and below are some common questions answered by CCP Games. Kjarval’s final official appearance as CCP Guard will be at EVEsterdam March 23-25. Guard was always an entertaining presenter and cool guy to chat with at these events. We wish him the best of luck in whatever his future endeavor might be.

Q: Where is Sveinn Kjarval going?
A: Sveinn is taking on a new exciting opportunity here in Iceland where he grew up, in a company outside the gaming industry.

Q: How long was Sveinn Kjarval Senior Community Development Lead?
A: Sveinn joined CCP in 2003 as a Gamemaster and has worked his way up and around the company and has been part of the EVE Community Team since 2011.

Q: What is the timing of his replacement?
A: CCP is actively seeking a new hire, so talented, passionate, community-minded individuals should keep a close eye on the CCP Games careers page.

Q: Who will host community facing community videos?
A: As before, hosting community facing videos will be split between various people at CCP. We’ve always played around with giving fun people around the company a chance to host regardless of whether that fits theirposition within the company or not. Other members of the Community Team will of course continue hosting videos and our official live streams will continue to involve prominent players as before.

Q: Who will organize future CSMs?
A: The organization of the CSM will fall to members of the Community Team with support from stakeholders at CCP. CCP will continue to make sure the CSM has all the support and backing it needs to be meaningful and successful.

Q: Is this the end of Permaband?
A: The Permaband does not end. Permaband is the end.

Q: Will EVE’s ongoing community plans continue as planned or fall behind because of Sveinn’s departure?
A: All our community plans for 2019 are in a great place and will continue as intended. EVE will continue forever due to the undying passion and awesomeness of the EVE community.
The joy of living will, however, be sucked whole from the existence of all who ever encountered Sveinn, until the void mercifully claims us.