More Detective Pikachu Trading Cards Revealed

The excitement is still growing for fans of Pokémon. The announcement of Pokémon Sword and Shield was huge and the Detective Pikachu movie is getting a lot of attention. We just got to see a new trailer for the latter and now more trading cards are being revealed to match!

Another set of Detective Pikachu cards have just been announced. This time we get to see over a dozen new cards with Pokémon as they will appear in the movie. Arcanine, Machamp and even a Mewtwo-GX are part of the reveal. Cards will begin arriving at retail locations starting in April with the Detective Pikachu movie hitting theaters on May 10. Additionally, special promo cards are gong to be released as well with more information to come in the following weeks.

Perhaps you missed seeing some of them in the previews for the film, so take a closer look below. Read more about the cards on the official Pokémon website.