Review: Logitech G MX518 Gaming Mouse

The modernization of older technology can go one of two ways, with the results either excellent or a disappointment. Logitech has taken what may be the most fan-favorite mouse of all time and has updated it with modern technology. Originally released around the turn of the century as a mouse for office use, the Logitech G MX518 became an absolute legend for PC gamers. Around a time where strategy games were peaking and MMOs were starting to take off, the design around the MX518 allowed for comfort around a bulky design that featured curves that adhered to the player’s hand. Logitech decided to give the MX518 the update treatment much like it has with some other mice. The mouse has certainly tickled my nostalgic bone.

The MX518 sticks with what made it work as a fan favorite. This is a wired mouse that keeps the same design all the way down to the composition. There’s a sleek silver faceplate across the top as the rest of the mouse features a charcoal matte plastic. The mouse buttons are one with the face plate rather than having any separation. It also contains the Logitech logo at the bottom. The mouse features no RGB as this was not a popular idea twenty years ago.

Players can expect eight buttons that are programmable via the Logitech G Hub with the MX518. Two buttons sit directly above a groove for where your thumb will rest. With the mouse wheel on top, Logitech has included three other buttons that allow for DPI changes. By default, players can increase or decrease the DPI settings with the buttons above and below the mouse wheel. There’s also a default button that allows the player to quickly go back to the original settings.

The DPI change is something a bit different than what I have come to expect with Logitech. Most of its recent mice include the DPI change button, but it allows for custom DPI profiles to be set and cycled through. The MX518 has the ability to do the same thing, so it’s a bit different that the designers went the direction they did with this, but also allow players to program and cycle the DPI profiles like the newer mice normally do. With the Logitech G Hub, players can also save up to five profiles with on-board memory. This allows the player to take the mouse with them and use the mouse without having to hook it up to another computer.

The design of the MX518 is fantastic, but it’s the feel of it that really blows my mind. Not only does the design contour to the player’s right hand, but the MX518 is so light (101g). Looking at the bulky size would turn away some professional gamers, but in execution, the MX518 isn’t only light, but it moves and maneuvers so smoothly. The Logitech G PRO is the lightest mouse out there, but the MX518 comes surprisingly close and lacks the minimalist design approach that the PRO focuses on.

Outside of the programmable buttons and on-board memory, it’s the internal hardware that truly makes the MX518 modern. Logitech has implemented its HERO 16K Gaming Sensor for outstanding precision and reaction to the MX518. This sensor allows a capture rate of up to 17,000 frames per second and it achieves 400+ IPS across its entire DPI range with zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration. Combining this sensor with the 32-bit ARM processor and the lightweight can turn this into a professional gaming mouse, but may lack the deeper options that is desired for some. Also, since the MX518 is designed for right hand use, left handed players may not get much use out of this mouse.

The retail price sits perfectly for the MX518 at $59.99. Someone not trying to break the bank that wants a multi-use mouse with a focus on gaming gets a steal for this price. It’s a great entry level gaming mouse that doesn’t overburden players looking to get more serious about gaming. It also doesn’t break the bank account. Going back and playing Command & Conquer Generals and Company of Heroes with the MX518 felt fantastic and precise while hopping on Diablo 3 with some extra mapped buttons was a bonus. The kicker was playing Apex Legends and still having aiming extremely proficient while mapping health and grenade options to the thumb buttons. For $59.99, you simply can’t go wrong with this mouse.

Closing Comments:

Logitech’s resurrection of the classic MX518 mouse lands on the side of excellence. Bringing an old fan favorite and implementing the latest technology into the unit has worked wonders. As a gaming mouse, it’s a good entry for someone wanting to get more serious. For the older crowd, it’s a wonderful throwback to better times. If you don’t like the bulkiness or are looking for a left-handed mouse, this might not fit the bill for you, but the lightweight and comfortable feel combined with the precision elements is unmatched for $60. It even still serves as a good office mouse as it was originally intended to be twenty years ago.