Indie Megabooth’s PAX East 2019 Lineup Announced

Just a short while after revealing their GDC lineup, the Indie Megabooth has now announced its plans for PAX East 2019. A stable of the convention, this year’s lineup includes a total of seventy-eight games from across eighteen countries. While it looks like the section for tabletop games is MIA this year, that still leaves a significant amount of games to check out over the show’s duration. As usual, you can check out the teaser below for a glimpse at the full lineup.

What are some of this year’s highlights, you may ask? Well, this year’s Megabooth brings us Afterparty, Trailmakers, Flotsam, One Finger Death Punch 2, and Close to the Sun, to name a few titles. Meanwhile, the rotating Minibooth will have Demon’s Tilt on Thursday and Friday and SkateBIRD on Saturday and Sunday, to name two more examples. For more details on each game, you can also check out the official Indie Megabooth site. PAX East will take place from March 28 to March 31, and you can bet we’ll be at the Megabooth there to cover things.