Screenshot Saturday Featuring Young Souls, Dysmantle, Many More

Well, here we are again with yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where developers use the #screenshotsaturday hashtag to provide little glimpses into latest works! As usual, we’ve gone through this weekend’s contributions, and gathered a crop of them here for you to enjoy! So without further ado, and because we totally aren’t rushing this along due to the writer forgetting about Daylight Savings and thus mismanaging time and having to speed things up, let’s jump right into things!

Endling- Typically, I try not to feature the same game in two consecutive editions of Screenshot Saturday. But when a developer announces that their next contribution will have the first in-game footage of their upcoming title, it’s easy to make exceptions for something like that. Sure, it’s just a brief shot, but it does indeed showcase just how gorgeous this unique side-scroller about a fox family’s survival will be. Can’t wait to see more as development continues!

Young Souls- An RPG/beat-’em-up hybrid about two siblings attempting to save the Earth from threats that exist on another world, this is a game that truly needs to be seen in action to appreciate it, but still shows off its colorful, cartoonish style a bit of nice action in this one picture as well. Plus, that is definitely one ridiculously cute baby dragon. The mounts from the likes of Golden Axe would truly be proud.

Dysmantle- Having already crafted a good chunk of successful top-down action games, 10tons are now embarking on bringing us an action-RPG that looks to have their same unique style and gameplay with several fun new twists, like being able to smash and mine through ninety-nine percent of all in-game objects in a post-apocalyptic world. But while you can just as likely carve your way through monsters as well, sometimes its just more fun to screw with them.

Resolutiion- Indeed, the detailed foliage, superb reflections in the water, and the crumbling bridges all work together to craft some truly beautiful, majestic ruins. Ruins that you will end up staining with the remains of quite few zombie guts in your journey to discover this world’s secrets, but majestic ruins nonetheless.

Iris and The Giant- The developer for this turn-based roguelike RPG with card game elements is apparently a veteran when it comes to creating pop-up books and animated films, and this bit of footage for the game’s upcoming trailer definitely showcases a unique style that would indeed be right at home in their other work. It looks quite gorgeous, and even this brief snippet looks like a fun dose of gameplay, so now we can’t wait for the full trailer.

Project Downfall- When making an arcade-style first-person shooter that wouldn’t feel out of place in an era like the mid-’90s, you had better believe that proper gore effects will be quite important. But seriously, it does showcase the impact a weapon like the shotgun would have, and delivering just the right kick is indeed a key towards a killer shooter, so this is indeed a step in the right direction.

Greak- Lest you think we’d have only one game today about siblings fighting their way through a fantasy world. What we have here is an action-platformer where you alternate control between three characters that work together to find a way home. A compressed GIF may not fully show off the game’s potential, impressive as it is, so we suggest checking out the initial preview footage as well.

Disjunction- This cyberpunk action-RPG describes itself as a stealth title as well, but will apparently suit any gameplay style the player decides on. Yes, this means being able to waltz in with a shotgun and start blowing away anything, should you choose. Then again, you don’t complete a game like this on the first go without getting spotted at least once, so best to prepare that sawed-off shotgun should things go south.

Iron Corbo: Kung Fu Janitor- Even a janitor that’s a former Shaolin master still needs to hone their skills now and then. This means testing out your combos on the nearest dummy, using what looks like some impressive combat skills amongst an equally impressive setting. Looks like a damn good weekend indeed.

Othercide- This tactical turn-based horror game already stood out thanks to its eye-catching monochrome style and fluid animation, and now we get to add some impressive monster designs to the list of hooks this title has. We can’t see that Reaper’s face from this angle, but between it’s size, imposing figure, and the sense of dread it gives off, I’d wager it’s not a pretty sight.

Neon Abyss- It’s not exactly surprising that an action-platformer with fast-paced combat and the word “neon” in its name would feature some impressive-looking gunfire, among other things. The stunt here looks quite incredible, though it also makes one pray that friendly fire isn’t included here.

Ghost Song- Environmental storytelling can indeed be highly effective, especially in something like a metroidvania game where you have to piece together the various details about what happened on a dangerous alien moon. One can only ponder what happened with this sad individual that led them to be impaled on some sort of root, and we’re definitely anxious to find out.

DOOMBLADE- Because I see this game is gunning for a chance to become a regular here at Screenshot Saturday as well. You knew I just couldn’t resist a burst of colorful, splatter-y action with an incredibly lush and detailed backdrop such as this, did you? Diabolical bastards…