Gearbox Software Continues to Hint at Surprises for PAX East

Earlier this week, Gearbox Software released a Tweet that likely hints at the long-awaited reveal for a new entry in the Borderlands franchise during the PAX East convention.

While this news by itself is certainly intriguing, it looks like that may not be the only surprise that Gearbox has in store for the Boston-based event. Since that time, the official Gearbox Twitter account has shared two additional images hinting at “another” game reveal for PAX East, potentially separating them from the first title that was teased two days ago. While the first image is rather mysterious in nature, today’s image clearly seems to show another Borderlands-related announcement, as a pixelated Maya is standing in front of one of the game’s iconic gun shops.

Check out both of the images above, and stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for the weekend of March 28 for the Gearbox event and all of that weekend’s PAX East reveals.