Why Life Is Strange 2 Consequences Differ to Those in The Walking Dead, Detroit

Developer Dontnod Entertainment has revealed why it took a different approach with how choices have an impact in Life Is Strange 2.

In an interview with Square Enix, Life Is Strange 2 co-director Michel Koch and writer Jean-Luc Cano provided insight into several areas of development for the title.

When it came to the choice-and-consequence mechanic in the episodic adventure title, the duo were asked why decisions made over the course of the story weren’t as transparent as the ones found in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead (referring to the ‘Clementine will remember that’) or Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human (its flowcharts).

Cano stepped up to answer the question, saying that when a decision is made in life, people don’t “always see the consequences right away.”

“That’s something we’ve always examined in Life Is Strange and wanted to continue into Life Is Strange 2,” he added.

“We do show the player some key decisions but, as in life, there are lots of consequences to little decisions. A perfect example of this is that the behavior of Daniel is shaped by the small choices you make as Sean.

“That ties into the theme of responsibility in Life Is Strange 2 — when you take care of a child, your behavior influences theirs. So Daniel learns from you — if you steal, he may steal later in the story, for example.”

The sequel to Dontnod’s critically acclaimed 2015 episodic title debuted back in September with Episode 1: Roads on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Meanwhile, Episode 2: Rules launched in January, with the third untitled episode yet to receive a release date.

Hardcore Gamer praised the French studio’s work on the second episode, saying in our review that it “builds on the relationship between Sean and Daniel in more than one way” and that its “simple ending is satisfying, especially after the developer has already done the work of raising many questions for Life Is Strange 2 to answer in its remaining episodes.”

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