Shu Takumi Reflects on Ace Attorney’s Beginning

For those in Japan, its been eighteen years since Ace Attorney released its very first courtroom battling title. Since then it’s seen sequels, spinoffs and countless ports including the most recent. Since the series is once again launching from its roots Capcom sat down and discussed with series creator, Shu Takumi, what it was like at the beginning and looking at how far things had come. Takumi talks about how it was a unique concept taking place in the courtroom that had many people wondering if that’d be possible without people knowing the legal system, or would even be interested.

Comments like this are what helped him shape the memorable cast that sat on the border of believable person to outrageous individual. After the success of the first title, Takumi would go on to make even more outlandish characters that him and the team enjoyed so much they never felt it was necessary to tone them down even when they’re as ridiculous as a whip-yielding prosecutor.

Those interested can read his entire discussion with the Capcom team right here and look forward to the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy launching for PS4, Switch Xbox One and PC on April 9.