Screenshot Saturday Featuring Half Past Fate, Witchstone, Many More

Hello folks, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Every weekend, developers take to social media with the #screenshotsaturday hashtag in order to off their various work, and every weekend we select a crop of our favorite screenshots, GIFs, videos, et cetera from the latest offerings in order to showcase them here. And this is it, folks, just over twenty-four hours before GDC 2019 officially kicks off, followed by PAX East 2019 shortly. And thus I shall announce here that just like with Gamescom 2018 and PAX West 2018, I will be using the next two editions to highlight some the best games from the upcoming events, so just a heads up to stay tuned for that. Right now, though, let’s get on with this week’s highlights!

Knights and Bikes- For some reason, there seem to be a few developers obsessed with the “Can You Pet The Dog” test at the moment. Mind you, it does mainly seem to be for humor purposes, but it is a cute little way to show just how much interactivity a game can have. And from the looks of it, this ’80s British adventure looks like its going to have a ton of fun stuff to interact with in order to capture that childlike spirit. Still can’t wait!

Flotsam- When rebuilding a society in a post-apocalyptic world – even one that’s been flooded over – you’re not just going to build a place where people survive, but where they can also live in peace. And even with a floating village made out of scrap, what we have here in this unique simulation certainly looks nice and cozy, and it does indeed make me want to play this game to try and replicate it.

Renaine- Have you considered how messed up it is that in a lot of video games, you have to beat the crap out of wildlife, attacking you or otherwise, just so you can record it for 100% completion? No? Me neither. Besides, they do make it look quite fun in this old-school side-scroller. You even get a cute little notification and everything! Awwww!

Half Past Fate- A romantic adventure game following a trio of relationships whose lengths range from hours to years, the mix of sprite art and 3D graphics in it is probably what immediately catches your eye. What your eyes go to next is arguably the search bar, as now you may actually be as curious as our friend here when it comes to the differences between teas.

Witchstone- The creators of Stories and Omensight return with yet another RPG with a variety of paths and options, and in this case, it sometimes involves the classic role-playing method of rolling a D20 to see if you have enough charm or whatnot. It looks like impressive stuff so far, its upcoming Kickstarter campaign should hopefully be successful, and for the record, while the title is a work in progress, I have to say that “Witchstone” actually sounds quite awesome.

They Suspect Nothing- Okay, while Screenshot Saturday is typically reserved for works in progress, sometimes you come across that one game that you can’t believe you missed (even though we covered this game’s launch) and that from the looks of it, definitely deserves way more attention. And a VR game about the last human on Earth attempting to make it through various tasks in order to fool a robot society, such as engaging in a cooking class, definitely feels like something that should be more loved.

Vivid- Well, by now my love of jaw-dropping pixel art should be well known. But as my Tetris Attack addiction of ’96 also shows, I also have a deep love of simple-yet-fun puzzle games as well. Learning patterns and matching blobs in order to destroy groups of ridiculously adorable enemies? Damn straight I’d be down for that!

Cloudpunk- Sure, The Jetsons always made a futuristic sky city look glamorous, but what they don’t show you is just how sinister it can feel during the night, even with other people walking around. But it does perfectly convey the vibe needed for a successful cyberpunk game, with the neon-lit buildings basically triggering the synth soundtrack inside of your head. Simple stuff, but good stuff.

Someday You’ll Return- When dealing with a psychological horror adventure, you need to successfully make even the smallest things seem creepy, but in subtle ways and unconventional means. For example, a giant antique clock may be a bit creepy, but one that tells time with what could be bizarre runes, suggesting otherworldly forces or maybe a cult? Now we’re talking.

Neon Death Pact- Aside from being another entry in the category of “Games I would buy based on the title alone,” what we have here also appears to be quite the intriguing puzzle game that shifts between a narrative tale about a mystery involving self-terminating androids and what appears to be a grid-based virtual area where the action is, recovering data. The official site says a Kickstarter campaign is coming soon, and I suggest keeping an eye out for it.

They Fear the Phantoms- It isn’t exactly a shocker to learn that fast-paced movement is a major strength for a top-down action game. But said movement also needs to look impressive and be fun to pull off as well, naturally. Thankfully, it looks like the developers here seem to gotten those requirements down pat.

Yuppie Psycho- Well, you should have known that was too good to be true when you suddenly got a prestigious job with a major company. I mean, can you believe this? This office clearly hasn’t had a proper harassment seminar yet! Oh, and the building is full of monsters and horrors that have sinister purposes in mind for you and you have to find a way to survive it. Suddenly 95K a year doesn’t sound so good.

Ministry of Broadcast- Well, a game about a deadly reality show in an Orwellian dystopia conjures up lots of chilling imagery. Did not expect this to be the part that appears in my nightmares, though. And with that, I think we’re done for now. No way we can top that. Goodnight, everybody!