Suda51 Returning to Fire Pro Wrestling with New DLC Storyline

Suda51 is known for creating some of the most bizarre stories and games in the industry – but what isn’t often talked about is how it all began. He got his start working on Fire Pro Wrestling and crafting a dark tale of loss and sorrow for the main character. This led to his signature dark humor and bizarre tone being recognized, but hasn’t yet resulted in a return to that series until now. Today, Spike Chunsoft announced that Suda51 will come back for a special DLC storyline scenario called The Vanishing. Nothing has been announced other than its title and it seemingly bringing about a new tag team into the playable mix.

There is also a newly-designed tag team title design that appears to take inspiration from WWE’s modern gladiator helmet designs, but with a better overall look to them. Fire Pro Wrestling World is available now on PC via Steam and on the PS4 in both digital and physical formats. It’s an oustanding game and a must-have for anyone who loves pro wrestling or MMA, and this new DLC should be a must-buy for anyone who loves Suda’s work.